be my guest, sailor.

Run, sailor.
away from consequences.
see what you are good at.
so much of being a good person.
played with fire just to stand outside, watched the house burned and said

“owh, don’t know I had caused that, it was only sparkles….. the house burned itself”

Rage yes it was, as legit as it is to me,
for every tears shed.

Deserved to bear not to surrender, you are.
That is how a lion feast.

Eat your own words now, sailor.

Blinded I was.
that cool persona you think you are, still an immature person I first thought you’re not.

Could have begun with honesty,
so taking chances wouldn’t be in its vocabulary.

sweet I’ll be, jolly will be.
as you like me faking it
till I’m over it.

ashes, I’ll rise.
for you nor my stele.

Sail away now young sailor.
I shall not be on your ship.

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