There’s always a song that could perfectly describe a moment. Not so long ago, this song was a moment. Now? it’s almost a surreal experience. Funny how things turn out to be this way. Sometimes I wonder, how things could be different if I acted differently, if I had said different words. But again, its all are meant to be, meant to be..not to be.

Funny to realized God had actually answered my prayer. Out of all other wants, wishes and pray. Big or small, good or bad, significant or not, He chooses to grant this. This intuition and that longing desire. The speck of a fleck. Even funnier now, I realized that it’s not all about you but about how Al-mighty He is. Though, all that had happened, happened for a reason. Couldn’t be thankful enough. For the most indescribable amazing feeling, the love and the pain, the laugh and the tears. For all the imperfections that made me human.

Eclipse. 365.

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