Sentap! to realize.

So, I asked ma if there is any difference having me at home now or maybe a bit later. Would it make any different if I go back to Perth last November and maybe come back  in February? She said nothing much, yes someone to help clean the dishes, do the laundry. Life would be the same then.


if family wasn’t my reason then. what was?

if money was the reason then..but that didn’t sounds like me to be defeated by money. what was then?

So I think hard. what was the reason? what was?

I had a breakdown. That was it. Heart break brought me back here. Heart break kills my dream. All other dreams. Worse part, I let it be. Yes, fool I was.

“Don’t let yesterday take too much time today” – anonymous

All the reasons I told my friends seems so ridiculous now I can’t even admit it had came out from this mouth. Urgh,  can I bury this face in the sand now?


well well then. What say you?

What could I do to compensate to this? 

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