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Hello stranger.

funny how we meet and giggles one day and become total stranger the very next. maybe Advertisements

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Sentap! to realize.

So, I asked ma if there is any difference having me at home now or maybe a bit later. Would it make any different if I go back to Perth last November and maybe come back  in February? She said … Continue reading

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Maybe we have to say our gratitude a little bit more. Say Alhamdulillah for every little things. Alhamdulillah, I’ve been lucky.  Thank you, Allah. for this little cluttered space, I called my home. for this few imperfect people, I called … Continue reading

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I’m no longer in there. Really. But, this song is too .. mm honestly true? In a weird way, it’s a soothing song. Yes, I won’t deny sometimes the mind wanders a little bit at yesterday’s hoping for better situations. … Continue reading

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good times


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Phillipe Starck Ghost Chair

This is a self note on my virtual inspiration wall because printing and ‘masking tape-ing‘ these images on a real wall would be too much of a hassle.  Add on to my wish list : the sexy Phillipe Starck Ghost … Continue reading

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Notes on 2012

So, we survived Y2K and the Mayan prophecy. We lived through 01/01/01, 10/11/12 and all other beautiful dates a century could offer (too lazy to list it all here ;p). Harry Potter finally solves the mystery and killed Voldermont. Bella Swan … Continue reading

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